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      Ningbo dream outdoor products Co., Ltd. (OEM/ODM outdoor production base)

      A complete modern enterprise quality management system: enable us to reduce production costs, so as to give our partners a huge profit margins. Let us in the face of changes in the market can quickly adjust product research and development trends, the production of more suitable for the majority of consumer products.
      Scientific research: a professional engineering and technical personnel.
      Production: with an area of nearly 10000 square meters of modern chemical plant, the factory fully standardized management, from the assembly to the finished product inspection has formed a complete system.
      Marketing: brings together a large number of high-quality marketing, advertising planning talent.
      Aftermarket: we have formed a standardized process, always the first time to provide customers with services and assistance.

      OEM process:
      The first step: customer request for the second step: the company's technical department for evaluation, and give reasonable suggestions
      The third step: the customer sign the contract and pay the deposit
      The fourth step: production prototype
      The fifth step: customer confirmation prototype or modify, until satisfied
      The sixth step: batch production

      Tel: (+86) 574-27725991/27725992 E-MAIL: sales@nbtorch.com

      ADD:3 Floor,Bin Bin Mansion,No 1127.YunLin East Road,Gulin Town,YinZhou District,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China.

      MIIT - Zhejiang ICP 21010702861058

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